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Unit 1

Key phrases

1. eat up 吃光

2. keep ... in order 使……保持井然有序

3. show off 炫耀  

4. come up with 提出;想出

5. be curious about 对……好奇

6. be willing to do sth 乐意做某事  

7. take the lead 处于领先地位

8. fall behind 落后

9. high standards 高标准

10. as good as 和……几乎一样;简直是

11. be ready to do sth 准备做某事

12. day after day 日复一日

13. be suitable for 适合……

14. can't be too careful 怎么小心都不过分

15. devote one's time to ... 把时间投入到……

16. in a fixed order 按照固定的顺序

17. depend on 取决于

18. worry too much 太担心

19. accept others' advice 接受别人的意见

20. show sb how to do sth 向某人展示如何做某事

21. think twice (about sth) 三思而行

22. do the dishes 洗碗

23. in all 总共;总计

24. divide ... into 把……分成……

25. make a speech 发表演说

26. be absent from school 缺课

Key sentences

1. It makes them feel good to share things with others. 

Note:it 在句中做形式主语,真正的主语是后面的动词不定式。作为形式主语的 it 并无实际语义,只是为满足语法上的需要,避免句子头重脚轻。

2. Carelessness will be a disaster not only to ourselves but also to patients. 

Note:not only ... but also ... 表示“不仅……而且……;既……又……”,用于连接两个性质相同的词或短语。连接主语时谓语动词遵循“就近原则”。

3. All of us know that it's necessary to pay attention to every detail. 

Note:句型 It is + adj.+ to do sth,意为“做某事是……的”,pay attention to 意为“注意;留意”。

4. Some people believe that people born under the same animal signs may have similar personalities. 

Note:句中 that 引导的是 believe 的宾语从句,born under the same animal signs 是宾语从句中主语 people 的定语。

5. It is said that people born in the Year of the Tiger are brave. 

Note:It is said that... 意思是“据说……”,是一种固定句式。

6. What it says about me may be true, but for my cousin Julie, that's not the case. 

Note:what it says about me 在句中做主语从句;be not the case 意为“实际并非如此”。


【点拨】在英语中,可以用并列连词或词组连接两个或两个以上的简单句,使它们成为并列句。常见的并列连词和词组有 and, but, or, so, either ... or ..., neither ... nor ..., not only ... but also ... 和 both ...and ...根据逻辑关系的不同,可分为四类:


Unit 2

Key phrases

1. the moods of people 人们的心情  

2. the relationship between ... and ...……与……的关系

3. bring peace to ...给……带来安宁

4. remind sb of ... 让某人想起……

5. be of some help to sb 对某人有些帮助

6. be in need of ... 需要……

7. influence our moods 影响我们的心情

8. look good on sb 在某人身上看起来很好

9. in fact 事实上

10. such as 比如

11. cheer sb up 使某人振作起来

12. take action  采取行动

13. try on 试穿

14. in the sky 在空中

15. soon after 不久

16. would rather 宁愿

17. a good match 好的搭配

18. in many ways  在很多方面

19. be suitable for ...对……适合

20. according to  根据

21. be influenced by ...  受……的影响

22. be dressed in pink 穿粉色(衣服)

23. the power of colours 颜色的力量  

24. improve your life 提高你的生活质量

25. drive away 驱赶;赶走

26. change one's moods 改变某人的心情

Key sentences

1. You may wonder whether it is true. 

Note:该句子结构是 wonder + whether 引导的宾语从句,wonder 后也可跟 if 引导的宾语从句。

2. In fact, colours can change our moods and make us feel happy or sad, energetic or sleepy.

Note:连词 and 连接两个并列的句子成分,make sb do sth 意为“使某人做某事”。

3. Some people prefer this colour when they hope for success. 

Note:该句子后半部分是 when 引导的时间状语从句,prefer sth 表示“更喜欢……”,hope for success 意为“渴望成功”。

4. Green can give you energy, as it is the colour of nature and represents new life. 

Note:as 引导原因状语从句,意为“因为;由于”,与 because 的用法相近。

5. Discover how the power of colours can change your moods and improve your life! 

Note:该句为祈使句,而“how the power of colours can change your moods and improve your life”在句中是宾语从句,how 为引导词,从句用陈述语序。

6. But do not eat too much of it, or you may get angry easily. 

Note:本句为由 or 连接的并列句。表示“否则;要不然”,连接并列句时使前后两个分句具有因果关系。

7. ..., so people dressed baby boys in blue in the hope that boys would be protected. 

Note:“in the hope that boys would be protected”在句中作目的状语从句,in the hope that 意为“怀着……的希望”。

“ 宾 ”山一角

在句子中起宾语作用的从句叫做宾语从句。无论主句是陈述句还是疑问句,宾语从句都必须使用陈述语序,即“主句 + 连接词 + 宾语从句(主语 + 谓语 + ……)”句式。

Unit 3

Key phrases

1. ask for advice 咨询意见

2. drive sb mad  使人受不了

3. work out  算出;解决

4. stay up  熬夜

5. be strict with sb 对某人很严格

6. hand in 上交;递交

7. have no choice but ...  除……之外别无选择

8. stay out  待在户外;(晚上)不回家

9. dream of  梦见;渴望

10. worry about  担心

11. manage one's time 管理某人的时间

12. stay awake 保持清醒

13. look forward to 期望;盼望

14. according to 根据

15. get enough sleep 得到充足的睡眠

16. offer me some suggestions 给我一些建议  

17. get into trouble 陷入困境

18. make a list of 列清单

19. laugh at 取笑

20. pay no attention to 不注意 

21. be proud of 以……自豪 

22. go over 复习

23. solve the problem  解决问题

24. read English aloud 大声读英语

25. shout at 对……大喊  

26. keep it to yourself 保密;不告诉别人  

27. the top students 表现好的学生

28. get high marks in exams 在考试中得高分

Key sentences

1. ... and I do not know how I should deal with it.

Note:how I should deal with it 在句中为宾语从句,how 为引导词。

2. Then I sometimes find it hard to stay awake the next day. 

Note: “sb find(s) it + 形容词 + to do sth”这一句型中 it 作形式宾语,真正的宾语是后面的不定式,形容词在句中作宾语补足语。

3. I am crazy about football. 

Note:be crazy about 表示“对……着迷,热衷于……”。

4. I've made little progress in my English, Millie.

Note:make progress in 意为“在……方面取得进步”。

5. Perhaps you should go over what you've learnt as often as possible. 

Note:what you've learnt 为宾语从句,as often as possible 意为“尽可能经常地”。

6. You are unhappy with your weight, but you do not know how to change it. 

Note:but 意为“但是”,表转折。be unhappy with ... 意为“对……不高兴;对……不满意”,how to change it 在句中是宾语从句,how 为引导词。



1. Can you tell me? 

When will the football game take place?

→ Can you tell me when the football game will take place?

2. My friend didn't tell me. 

What was my friend doing at that time?

→ My friend didn't tell me what he was doing at that time.

3. Can you tell me?

 How can I get to that cinema?

→ Can you tell me how I can get to that cinema?

4. Can you tell me?

 Why is it so difficult?

→ Can you tell me why it is so difficult?




1. Why not ask Mary to help us?

2. Why don't you go shopping with me this afternoon?

3. What / How about playing volleyball after school?

4. Let's ask your teacher for some suggestions!

5. Shall we go to the park on Sunday?

【总结】Why not ..., Why don't you ..., What / How about ..., Let's ..., Shall we ... 均是表示提建议的说法,Why not ...,Why don't you ..., Let's ...,Shall we ...后均跟动词原形,What / How about ...后跟动名词形式。

Unit 4

Key phrases

1. grow up 成长

2. wake sb up 喊醒某人

3. on one's mind 挂在心上

4. as soon as 一……就

5. a great deal (of) 大量;许多

6. try out for sth 参加……选拔

7. lose heart 失去信心

8. change one's mind 改变某人的想法

9. take notice of  注意;察觉

10. through hard work 通过努力工作

11. score 20 points 得了 20 分

12. lead ... to 把……带到

13. bring him to the attention of ...使……注意到他  

14. at first 起先

15. from then on 从那时起

16. be forced to do sth 被迫做某事

17. sit in the stand 坐在看台上

18. be willing to 愿意……

19. as a result 结果;因此

20. break out 爆发

21. die of / from 因……而死

22. in fear of one's life 为生命安全担忧

23. to one's surprise 令某人惊奇的是

24. in one's fifties 在某人五十多岁时

25. lose their lives 失去他们的生命  

26. translate into 把……翻译成

27. a record of that time 那时的记录

28. donate blood 献血

Key sentences

1. Books allow me to learn about people in different times and places, and I can read them whenever I want to. 

Note:allow sb to do sth 意为“允许某人做某事”,whenever 引导让步状语从句,意为“无论何时”,相当于“no matter when”。

2. While attending junior high, Spud tried out for the school team, but he was refused to play at first because he was too small. 

Note:while attending junior high 为时间状语从句。在连词when, while, if, as, though / although,until 等引导的状语从句中,当主句和从句的主语一致且从句谓语含有 be 动词时,从句常省略主语和 be 动词。

3. After he graduated, he was forced to play in another basketball league. 

Note:force sb to do sth 意为“强迫某人做某事”。在此句中用的是被动语态“sb is forced to do sth”,意为“某人被迫去做某事”。

4. Anne kept writing in her diary until they were discovered by the Nazis in August 1944. 

Note:until they were discovered by the Nazis in August 1944 在句中是时间状语从句,until 为连接词。keep doing sth 意为“继续做某事”。

5. When I was a little girl, I could not understand why my father always seemed to be kinder to others than to his own family. 

Note:when I was a little girl 是时间状语从句;why my father always seemed to be kinder to others than to his own family 是 why 引导的宾语从句。