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At the airport


Ground Service:Hello!May I see your passport,please?

Passenger:Here you go.

Ground Service:Thank you.And where are you flying with us today?

Passenger:I’m going to London.I’ll be studying there for a year.

Ground Service:How fun!That sounds like a great trip.I see your information right here.Are you checking any bags today?(put them on the airplane inside the cargo compartment)

Perfect!If you could place it on the scale for me,that would be great.(the equipment that tells you the weight of your luggage.)

Passenger:Here you go.

Ground Service:Thank you.Hmmm...it appears your bag is too heavy.It is over our weight requirement.(necessary condition.)

Perhaps you could take something out of your bag and put it in your carry-bag?(The small bag you take with you on the airplane)

Passenger:Yes!I’ll take this big book out of the bag.No problem.

Ground Service:Great!Now your bag is ready to be checked.

I’ll see you’ve chosen a window seat.is that still okay for you?

Passenger:I think so.I've never flown before so I thought it would be nice to look out at the clouds.

Do you think it will be a good seat for me?

Ground Service:This is your first flight?Well,that’s fantastic!You’re going to love it.And I think the window seat is an excellent choice for you then.

Let me print your boarding pass,and you’ll be ready to go.(a card that permits you to enter the airplane.)


Ground Service:Here it is.You are all set.(you’re finished and everything is okay.)You’re going to depart from Terminal C Gate 54.(the door you through go to enter the airplane.)

Passenger:When I need to be there?

Ground Service:You should get to your gate about one hour before departure.(the time planes leave airport.)

Passenger:And how do I get to the gate?

Ground Service:You will turn left at the coffee shop.Security will be directly in front of you.Once you are finished clearing security,follow the signs to Gate 54.It will be on your right.(move through security successfully)

Passenger:Thank you so much for your help.

Ground Service:You’re very welcome!Enjoy your flight!

Security check

Ground Service:Passport and boarding pass,please..

Passenger:Here you go.

Ground Service:Thank you.You can go on through.

Ground Service:Sir,you need to remove your coat.And your belt.

Passenger:My coat?And my belt?

Ground Service:Yes.And your shoes.

Passenger:My shoes too?

Ground Service:Yes,please.You can place them in this bin.You need to empty your pockets and put those items in the bin as well.Do you have any liquids in your bags?

Passenger:I do.I have a water bottle and some hand lotion.

Ground Service:You’ll need to take those out.The water bottle is too big.You can either drink it right now or throw it away.

Passenger:I’ll just throw it out.

Ground Service:The hand lotion is fine because it is in a small container.You need to put it in a plastic bag,though.

Passenger:Do you have a bag that I could use?I have never flown before,and I didn’t bring one.

Ground Service:Sure.We have extra bags right here.

Passenger:Thank you.

Ground Service:Do you have a laptop in your bag?

Passenger:I do.

Ground Service:I’ll need you to remove it as well and place it in a bin,


Ground Service:Please put your bag on the conveyor belt.Now please step through the scanner.

Passenger:What’s wrong?

Ground Service:Please step to the side.(step to the place that is an one side:away from other people)Stretch out your arms!I’m going to scan your body.Are you wearing any jewelry?

Passenger:Oh yeah,I think my necklace triggered the alarm.(made the alarm go off)Sorry about that.

Ground Service:Alright.You’re all clear.(everything is okay)You can pick up (collect) your items from the scanner,and you can head to your gate.(to go in a particular direction)

Have a great flight!


Go to gate

Airline hostess:United Airlines flight 803 to London is now boarding.(it’s time for passengers to enter the airplane)

Please have your boarding pass and identification ready for boarding.

Passenger:Excuse me,miss?

Airline hostess:Yes.

Passenger:My window shade is broken,and I cannot open it to see out the window.Would it be possible to switch seats so I can have a window with a view?This is my first flight,and I want to be able to see everything.

Airline hostess:Of course!Let’s move you to Row 38 seat B.You will be able to see out from that window.

Passenger:Thank you.Could you tell me how long this flight will take?

Airline hostess:We should be in the air for about six hours.

Passenger:Okay.Thank you.

Airline hostess:You’re ver welcome.

Would you like something to drink?

Passenger:What do you have?

Airline hostess:We serve coffee,tea,and soda.

Passenger:I’ll have coffee with cream please.

Airline hostess:Here you go.And would you like something to eat?

Passenger:That would be great!What do you have?

Airline hostess:We have a turkey sandwich,a chicken salad,or a vegetarian pasta.

Passenger:I think I’ll have the turkey sandwich.Thank you.

Arrived London

Passenger:Excuse me.Can you please tell me where I pick up my bag?I checked one bag on my flight here.

Ground Service:Yes.What was your flight number?

Passenger:I was on Flight 803.

Ground Service:I see.It looks like your bag will be arriving on Carousel 4.

Passenger:And how do I get there?

Ground Service:It’s right around the corner.You’ll see the number 4 on top,and it should list your flight number as well.Your bag should be arriving soon.

Passenger:Great!Thank you!

Ground Service:You’re welcome.

Passport control

Ground Service:Passport please.

Passenger:Here you go.

Ground Service:Thank you.And what is the purpose of your visit?(intention,objective)

Passenger:I’m going to be studying here at the local university.

Ground Service:And how long will you be staying?

Passenger:I’ll be here one year,until May 26 of next year.

Ground Service:And where will you be staying?

Passenger:My address will be 473 East Town Street,Apartment 3C.It's in London.

Ground Service:Do you have anything to declare?

Passenger:No,I don’t.

Ground Service:You’re all set.Enjoy your stay!

Passenger:Thank you.