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1. Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated. 王鹏坐在他那空荡荡的餐馆里,感到很沮丧。(P10)

2. Usually he got up early and prepared his menu of barbecued mutton kebabs, roast pork, stir-fried vegetables and fried rice.通常他很早就起床准备他的菜肴----烤羊肉串、烤猪肉、炒菜和炒饭。

3. He thought of his mutton, beef and bacon cooked in the hottest, finest oil. His cola was sugary and cold, and his ice cream was made of milk, cream and delicious fruit. 他想起了他用滚烫的精制油烹制的羊肉串、牛排和腊肉。他的可乐又甜又冷,冰激凌用牛奶、奶油和水果制成的。

4. "Nothing could be better," he thought. Suddenly he saw his friend Li Chang hurrying by. 他想:“再没有比这些更好吃的了”。突然间,他看到自己的朋友李昌匆匆地走过。

5. Tired of all that fat? Want to lose weight? Come inside Yong Hui's slimming restaurant. Only slimming foods served here. Make yourself thin again! “肥腻的东西吃厌了吧?想变瘦吗?请到雍慧减肥餐馆来。此地只供应减肥食品,让你恢复苗条!”

6. Curiosity drove Wang Peng inside.王鹏的好奇心驱使他走了进去。

7. He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies! He had better do some research! 他可不能让雍慧哄骗人们后跑掉!他最好作一番调查!

8. Even though her customers might get thin after eating Yong Hui's food, they were not eating enough energy-giving food to keep them fit. 尽管顾客们吃她的餐馆里的饭会变得苗条,但他们摄取不到足够的热量来保持健康。

9. Perhaps with a discount and a new sign he could win his customers back. So he wrote: Want to feel fit and energetic? Come and eat here! Discounts today! Our food gives you energy all day! 也许写个新的标牌、打点折,能够帮他赢回顾客!于是他写下了他的标牌:想保持苗条又精力旺盛吗?到这里来用餐吧!今天打折!我们的食物能够给您提供一整天所需的热量!

10. “I thought you were a new customer and now I find you came only to spy on me and my menu,” she shouted.


11. The competition between the two restaurants was on!这两家餐馆之间的竞争开始了!

12. Fill in the blanks with words from the left box and paraphrase the italicized parts using the phrases from the right box. 用左边的词语填空,然后用右边方框中的词释义斜体字部分。(P12)

13. He smiled as he welcomed some customers warmly at the door but the smile left his face when he saw Yong Hui walking in. 他微笑着站在门口热情地迎接他的客人。但他一见到雍慧走进来,脸上的笑容马上就消失了。(P14)

14. He did not look forward to being in debt because his restaurant was no longer popular.他不希望由于餐馆不受欢迎而负债。

15. I don't want to upset you, but I found your menu so limited that I stopped worrying and started advertising the benefits of my food. 我并不想让你心烦,不过我发现你菜谱上的菜太少了,所以我也就不着急了,我也开始宣传我餐馆的食物的好处。

16. Yong Hui agreed to stay and soon they were both enjoying dumplings and breast of chicken cooked with garlic.雍慧同意留下来。没过一会,他们两人就津津有味地吃起饺子和蒜蓉鸡胸。

17. I feel sick with all this fat and heavy food. 吃了这么多油腻的、难消化的食物,我都觉得恶心了。(P15)

18. Wang Peng was enioying a second plate of dumplings so he sighed. 王鹏正在吃第二盘饺子,他叹了一口气。

19. I don't offer enough fibre and you don't offer enough body-building and energy-giving food. 我没有提供足够的纤维食物,而你提供的食物没有足够的营养和热量。

20. Perhaps we ought to combine our ideas and provide a balanced menu with food full of energy and fibre. "也许我们应该把我们的想法综合起来,作出一份富于营养、热量和纤维的平衡食谱。”

21. So that is what they did. They served raw vegetables with the hamburgers and boiled the potatoes rather than frying them. They served fresh fruit with the ice cream. 于是,他们就照此做了。他们用生蔬菜配汉堡包,煮土豆不是油炸土豆,还拿新鲜水果配上冰激凌。

22. Their balanced diets became such a success that before long Wang Peng became slimmer and Yong Hui put on more weight. 他们的平衡食谱非常有效,王鹏很快就瘦了,而雍慧却胖了。

23. You can use the information to help you have a healthier diet as well as increase your vocabulary. 你可以用这条信息帮你健康膳食,同时也增加你的词汇量。

Unit 2 Healthy eating   workbook翻译

1. 这一饮食的缺点是包含了太多的脂肪和糖分,优点是有很多能提供能量的食品。(diet; strength; weakness)

The weakness of this diet is that it has too much fat and sugar; its strength is that it has plenty of energy-giving food.

2. 那个商店老板试图通过打折来赢回顾客。(win back; discount)

The shopkeeper is trying to win his customers back with a discount.

3. 如果你不为自己的错误道歉的话,他们是不会放过你的。(get away with)

If you don’t say sorry for your mistake, they won’t let you get away with it.

4. 他已经负债很久了。对于他来说,如何谋生成了个大问题。(in debt; earn one’s living)

He has been in debt for a long time. How to earn his living is a big problem.

5. 就在我等朋友时,突然发现有个男人在离我不远处正瞪眼看着我。(spy; glare at)

When I was waiting for my friend, I suddenly spied a man not far away glaring at me.

6. 我不想对你说谎,但是我不得不告诉你他的智力有限。(lie; limited)

I don’t want to lie to you, but I have to say that his intelligence is limited.

7. 专家说吃胡萝卜对眼睛很有好处。(benefit; carrot)

Experts say eating carrots benefits your eyes.

8. 我吃饺子时通常都会加点醋,因为醋有助于消化食物。(vinegar; digest)

I usually eat dumplings with a little vinegar, which I believe helps me digest the food.